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GENESIS # or the origin of species-premiere in Ok16!

GENESIS # or the origin of species 2 and 3 September! Start-20.00! In a cultural incubator Ok16-UL. Oktyabrskaya, 16 "Model" PREMIERE Plastic Theatre «InZhest» (Minsk, Belarus) 18 Plastic spectacle in the factory shop. Work in the development of spatial improvisation-site-specific performance-...

TRASH POEM – Premiere in Zamosc

43 Zamojskie Lato Teatralne – summer theatre festival in Zamość (Poland) June 16 21.30 Stare Miasto, Rynek Wielki The Physical Theatre “InZhest” (Minsk, Belarus) Premiere ! TRASH POEM «The…

The golden age-25 may in Minsk!

25 may at 20.00 St. Kazintsa str. 89 (sports College) Plastic Theatre "InZhest" Vyacheslav Inozemtseva represents advanced pantomime Baroque GOLDEN AGE Or the triumph of "Deus ex machina" story of beautiful love in the Golden Kingdom, evil Aliens and triumph of wisdom in the face of God from the machine.


          (VI) open forum of plastic and experimental theatres of Belarus Minsk-2018 PlaStforma   13 February 19.00 RTBD (Kropotkin str., 44) «concrete», author and Director-Yevhen Kornjag 21.00 top (street of kuibyshev, 22) "from point a to point b "Setting.

Studio at InZhest Theatre Announces participants!

Studio at the Physical Theatre "InZhest" by leading of Vyacheslav Inozemtsev announces traditional annual set! We are waiting for everyone to 1 November at 19.00 at Minsk, UL. Lander 6a (House of culture of "Integral") in the curriculum: - psychophysical actors training "Dancing Animals" (original technique from Vyacheslav Inozemtsev)-BUTOH dance.

InZhest Theater – Golden Age in “Pearl of Renaissance”

Zamojskie Lato Teatralne – summer theatre festival in Zamość (Poland) presents -On July 2, 21.30, Stare Miasto, Rynek Wielki -The Physical Theatre “InZhest” (Minsk, Belarus) “Golden Age”or Triumph “Deus ex machina”(The Open Air Pantomime in Baroque style) “Golden Age” is the story of beautiful love…

"X"-Theatre Tradition InZhest for "Ghosts of Tacheles"

"X-Tradition-Pryvidy Tahelesa"-an impromptu performance of plastic Theatre "InZhest" 28 April, at 21.30 art space «Top» (street of kuibyshev, 22)"x-tradition" is not traditionally a fixed performance in principle, is a series of improvised performances, performed "Inzhest Theatre" in any "neteatral'nyh" places-Street, urban or landscape, factory shop, ...

The Physical Theatre InZhest- Access to the Body April 3 in DKZh

In the Palace of culture of railway workers (St. Chkalova, 7) -3 April at 20.00- The Physicla Theatre "InZhest" Group "Plato" Matthew Saburova, Sergej Pukst "Pukst Band" in Biographical Phantasmagoria by Vyacheslav Inozemtsev, "ACCESS TO THE BODY" tickets ofice of DKZh Tel. ( 375 17) 220-51-69 booking tickets-BYKARD- Ticket Office ByKARD-underground ...

PlaStforma Minsk-2017-Program performances

PlaStforma Minsk-2017-Program performances  

REMONT – May 24 in DKZh

  Theatre "InZhest" closes its 35-th theatrical season! MAY 24 at 8:00 pm-at the Palace of culture of railway workers (St. Chkalova, 7)- REMONT - people's physical theatre drama theatre "InŽest"! Idea and Director-Vyacheslav Inozemtsev Music-Matthew Saburov, Ekaterina Averkova and the group "Plato".

PlaStforma Minsk-2016

IV Open Forum of Experimental Physical Theatres of Belarus “PlaStforma Minsk-2016” Performances program: February 15 (Mo) – DKZ (Chkalova str. 7) – 19.00 – The Physical Theatre “InZhest” (Minsk) – “DK Dance – Farewell ritual” – The last time in Minsk ! Opening Ceremony of…

Theater Inžest-35-th theatrical season! Show "... AFTER "20 November

35-th theatrical season! Plastic Theatre Vyacheslav Inozemtseva "InŽest" invites! 20 November at 8 p.m. in the Palace of culture of railway workers (St. Chkalova, 7) "... AFTER "(reality show for Theatre) music Author-Vitaliy artist video art-Matvey Saburov tickets DKŽ Tel. ( 375 17) 224-89-95 and Help advance ...

Theatre "InZhest" on the Forum THEATRE-2015 -

"ACCESS TO THE BODY" (biographical phantasmagoria) premiered in Minsk May 31, 2010 year. Performance was created specifically for the Jubilee celebration of Vyacheslav Inozemtsev - founder and director of the theatre "InZhest". This performance about performances that have been played or never existed...

"Золотой Век"

Plastic Theatre "InŽest" or "golden age" of triumph "Deus ex machina" (pantomime in Baroque style) "the golden age" is a story about a beautiful love in the Golden Kingdom, evil Aliens and triumph of wisdom in the face of God from the machine-"Deus ex machina", make to the satisfaction of the public. More >>>