Clowns are falling up

Maxim Zhbankov. CULT-TOURS.

A nervous singer red revolution once wrote: "I know the power of words, I know words nabat ...» And I believed him. Years until about seventeen. Then Vera ended. Because the words around it turned out too much. Vypendrežnyh and bustling. Some recruiters, touting the image, on the barricades. Others are paper Slickers, tratâŝie verbal resource at the spectacular risovku in local landscapes. The third is a fair fasonistaâ p′ân′. Rough vocabulary. The inadequate replacement of alcohol. And all this is a complete zero in comparison with a morning walk in the rain. Begin with books. After comes the plastic. Our best artist čudesit in silence. Minsk master Schizo-choreography. Inozemtsev-San.

The last thing you want is ûbileit′ and flooded during the song in honor of the recent Slavinogo some statistics. In the end, it's not round dates. Chronology of always lying and explains nothing. Much more interesting to understand: how and where art grows in our marshy edges? What does it mean to be a separate public tantrums in the fields of power and opozdavšego of the avant-garde? As possible odd-sized sheet in an endless comic strip about the quietest people in Europe? It is important to take a chance to cram in set phrases that defies intervention syntax-experience daily movement artist in inertial environment. Soil is important, not the fact that it is perfect. With him is interesting to stumble along.

Project InZhest Clavin is a cultural explosion of the multi-directional action. Western neighbors are watching it as intelligently packaged spectacle of European class: paradoxical clowning with zakosami under native Japanese theater and absurdism, plastic show with elements of acrobatics, a reasonable dose of sots art artist and almost fellinievskim lyricism. Strong action, confident direction, good school. Corporate customers do not look it in principle: here is important (and paid for) is not the author's risk and not the beauty licedejskoj schizophrenics, and pure presence. The ability to appear on burning stilts exactly between snacks and hot. And don't fall for the guests from wet stage.

However, there are others not so obvious aspects of autonomous navigation of the submarine "Udarnik of labour Foreigners." In rasčerčennom amorphous space into zones of influence of Russian culture, there is no and will be no where about changes seriously says fool or a romantic and nervous school teachers are able to steer the atrical distribution and closing theaters — this does not located to experiment zone Thank Foreigners persists in their experiments for the study of humanity. He is one of the few real poets mental recyclables. The assembler of domestic rubbish in our hearts. Pioneer tie? Amiss! Dranoe fur coat? Nice! A Dozen Frosts? Go! A pack of Bengal lights and chainsaw? It's cool! Excavator? Yes, we are in his bucket and come. Battleship Potemkin? Thank you, over there in the corner put.

It is foolish to assume this ragpicker syndrome. Foreigners working on Brehtu and Shklov, "ostrannââ" native platitudes. Creating gaps between the usual purpose of things, men and slogans — and their newly invented art mission. Paint musician Puksts, white — and receive gracefully on grassiruûŝego it and finance its operations. Type in razdolbannyj WEF bitlovskogo receiver "Shouts" half-and-half with the Soviet blah blah blah — and here's a sketch about the conflict of cultures. Nothing more touching than dance fame down young Chanterelle I on the domestic scene is seen. But only two parts entertainer and a bit of faux fur.

Along with the ordinary miracle of art with us in the company of InZhest'a occur extremely curious things. Glory to Allah šamanât on stage speak its shifted grafting the usual order of things. They ironically are movable in the administrative and ordered space. And casually make established scheme of meanings in the mosaic of the Nagas. While seeming to be the only possible procedure is the model for authoring Assembly. There are two Actions have eternal News: 1) you and the context is not the same thing, 2) culture is the area of your game. You are the demiurge himself. The artist himself. And don't believe the sounds from above: they're off key.

Than ever are taking public Mummers, buffoons and other displaced persons? That shift and change the meanings of the mask. Exposing the jazz life. Tempting improvisation. Sweeping trash words. Translating concepts into motion. Clowns are always falling up. Because they know the conditional nature of peaks and dips.

And even if you never rise on stilts, vykrasiš′sâ not flaunt silver paint and not proletiš′ above the Hall on a long rope in starušeč′ej skirt is still with you already happened to Foreigners. Even if you are not yet noticeable


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