11 February: "InŽest" (Minsk)-"repair"

Performance «REMONT» (The Repair) the result of the series of international theatre projects «InZhest» including master classes with actors from Europe in the direction of "Site specific" Physical theatre "and the mime theatre", "dance" and final Butho performances under the name "x-tradition" in Minsk and other cities of Europe.

Theatre "InZhest" traditionally performs in "non-theatrical" places-on the street, in the city or a natural landscape, in factory shop, swimming pool, water tower, using the barn door, roof or wall-all can be the catalyst for a birthday special-spatial drama arising from merger-opposition body and space.

Common to all "x-traditions" is the use of "X-traditional techniques and aesthetics - physical improvisation, Butoh dance grotesque carnival.
In his new work "neteatral′nym" makes the theatre space of the theater. The audience in the Hall will be upside-down coordinate system, so we must be prepared to forgo the usual viewers ' comfort ...

"Repair" (people's plastic drama in 1-m action)

Idea and direction - Vyacheslav Inozemtsev
Music - Matvey Saburov and a group "Plato" Scenography - Vyacheslav Inozemtsev and theater “InZhest” Costumes - Svetlana Semashko Light - Alexej Karpov

In "REPAIR" take part-

Dmitri Skachkov, Veronica Oganisyan, Julia Zakružnaâ, Svitlana Bilousova, Victoria Lukša, Svetlana Kosenko, Daria Demura, Sergei Umpirovič, Mikhail Masko Tatiana Surkova, Svetlana Gennady Semashko, Tobin, George Benko,
Olga Grebenyuk, Natalia Tretyakova, Piotr Lukasz, Sergey Rahubo

Disciples of the Studio at Theatre «InŽest»

Matvei Saburov, Musicians

Light-Aleksey Karpov

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