Improvisation performances of the theatre "InZhest"
The general name-"X-Tradition"

Duration-10-60 minutes
1-20 actors and musicians

The name "x-tradition" was inherited from the Festival of physical theatres, what the Theatre InZhest" organized in 2001 and 2002 respectively. The Festival, unfortunately, died, but the title and the work of it is live!

Видео-промо – Фестивали “Навiнкi” 1999, 2000, “Mamont”2005 etc. –

"X-tradition" is not traditionally a fixed performance is, in principle, is a series of improvised performances, performed theater "Inžest" in any "neteatral′nyh" places-Street, urban or natural landscape, the factory shop, swimming pool, water tower, barn door, roof or House wall-all can be the catalyst for a birthday special-spatial drama arising from merger-opposition body and space.

Фестиваль “DACH-2009” Минск –

The performance may be involved two dozen actors and musicians, and can-one person, can take a month, but can-h, each version of "x-tradition" may be similar or completely not similar to the previous one.

Common to all "x-traditions" is the use of "X-traditional techniques and aesthetics - physical improvisation, Butoh dance grotesque carnival.

The experience of such work in the theatre "InŽest" (a first "gesture") had accumulated in various joint projects-performances with theater "Mummers" (Russia), «Die Raben (Germany), Warner & Consorten "(Netherlands)," Ten Pen Chii art labor "(Japan-Germany), Globe Jinen" (Japan), Su-En Butoh company» (Sweden) and others, as well as at many festivals in Belarus, Russia, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, etc.

“X-Tradition” for festival “Ghosts of Tacheles” 28.04.2017 – VERH, Minsk –

Some improvised "x-tradition" become full-fledged fixed performances-"Tree" (2000), "after" (2006), "repair" (2013)


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