12 February: Adequate theater "in Cuba" (Minsk)-"Anima"

Theatre "vKube" was founded by students of the Belarusian State University of culture and arts.

-In our productions, no plastic in the conventional sense. We do not want to dance or circus art. We are studying the possibilities of their bodies, teach them to be obedient and unpredictable. Harmonious to the environment.

In choosing the material, we do not have the literary binding. All the themes, subjects and images come up with themselves, relying on their own interests, to the relevance of the issues on which we want to share.

-We do not èpatiruem because it is fashionable. We upivaemsâ sûrrealističnost′û of this world, and teach it to you through the prism of our perception.

-We tried to synthesize in his work as much as possible spheres of art, they teeter between a dispute and the collusion. And so is born the truth.



Directed By Veronica Hovhannisyan
the story of how a dying soul in the weary body. The people turned out, and had fired out their monstrosities. About sacrifices made in vain and futile attempts to start from scratch.

Valid characters:
Zh1-Marina Thorik
W2-Violeta Nikitik
Zhz-Daria Končic
Zh4-Veronika Hovhannisyan
M-Maxim Ganisevskij
Help with musical accompaniment-Olga Dvoretskaya.

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