Theatre InJest - 40 years! By the Bottom of Birth May 27

May 27 at 8 p.m. in Minsk Palace of Railway Workers' Culture (Chkalov Street, 7)

InJest Plastic Theatre
continues to celebrate its 40th anniversary with a performance
"X-Tradition - TO DNU BIRTH"

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Tickets 25 BYN -
At the box office of the DCJ - t. 375 17 375-61-69
Pre-order by phone at 375297663023
And also - on bycard and 24afisha -

The number of tickets sold is limited due to theAndemia!

On April 21, 2020, the InJest Plastic Theatre showed an impromptu performance of "X-Tradition" in the Minsk Palace of Railway Workers, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the theatre's head, Vyacheslav Inozemtsev.

Usually we do not give specific names to our improvisations - "X-Traditions." But in this case - a good name was born - "To the bottom of birth"


"X-Tradition" is not traditionally a fixed performance in principle, it is a series of improvised performances performed by the theater "InJest" in any "non-theatrical" places - street, urban or natural landscape, factory floor, swimming pool, water tower, barn door, roof or wall of the house - all can become an impulse for the birth of a special - spatial drama, the fusion of the actor. In the world of artistic practice, this direction is called site-specific performance.

In the play "X-Tradition - TO DNU OF THE WORLD" Theatre "InJest" focuses on the conflict of TELA-TIME

The author of the idea, director and performer of the main role - Vyacheslav Inozemtsev

Performers - actors InJest Theatre
Dmitri Skachkov
Victoria Luksha, Svetlana Tkachenko, Natalia Shleiko, Oksana Cherepan, Olga Kosenchuk
Gennady Tobin, Vladimir Parkhalin, Dmitriy Szykun

In the performance "X-Tradition" can participate two dozen actors and musicians, or maybe - one person, preparation can take a month, or maybe - an hour, each version of "X-Tradition" may be similar or absolutely not similar to the previous one.

Common to all "X-Traditions" is the use of "ex-traditional" techniques and aesthetics - plastic improvisation, carnival grotesque, Butoh dance (Butoh dance)

The inJest Theatre has accumulated experience in various joint projects-performances with the lyceum theatres (Russia), Die Raben (Germany), Warner and Consorten (Netherlands), Ten Pen Chii art labor (Japan-Germany), Globe Jinen (Japan), "Su-Enoh" (Japan) as well as at many festivals in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, etc.


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