An open forum for experimental physical theatres of Belarus

пластформаkv рус черн

The objectives of the project: initiation of a permanent national platforms for maintenance and development of scenic genres of physical and dance theatre as one of the most versatile tools of communication by means of art,

– creation of a prominent center for intercultural dialogue in the European region on the basis of plastic genres of contemporary art on the territory of Belarus.

– to form a wide field for the development of this type of contemporary art in the country;

– to present to the attention of the audience interested in an art product of a new format what is happening in this field in our country and abroad;

– to provide an opportunity for artists to express themselves, to see and discuss with authors, critics and specialists the latest performances of theaters/groups/projects, to meet with representatives of festivals, to receive competent feedback on their works, to receive a wide public opinion;


-performances of Belarusian groups, already proven in international festivals;

-performances by young artists;

– performances, master classes and lectures by recognized experts from Belarus and abroad;

– discussions, live communication between the participants, as well as with critics and guests of the forum



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