X-Tradition – “K Dnu Rozhdenija”, 21 of April


On April 21, the Physical Theater “InZhest” showed an improvisation performance of “X-Tradition” in the Minsk Palace of Railway Workers, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the leader of the theater – Vyacheslav Inozemcev.
Usually we do not give specific names to our improvisation perfomances – “X-Traditions”. But, in this case – Svetlana Lazogreeva created a good name – “K Dnu Rozhdenija” – “To the Bottom of Birthday”

  • Many thanks to all friends (in fb and not only) – who sent congratulations!

  • Many thanks to those who were not afraid and came to the Palace of Railway Workers on April 21 (especially those who bought tickets :-) !!!

  • And – the Palace of Railway Workers – for not being afraid, and allowed to conduct the show, having only 5 tickets sold at the box office the day before !!!

  • And – very special thanks – to those actors of the InZhest Theater who were not afraid and did it !!!!!!!

Thank you very much – Dima Skachkov, Vika Luksha, Sveta Belousova, Natasha Tretyakova, Natasha Shleiko, Gena Tobin, Volodya Parkhalin, Dima Zykun, Yura Benko !!!

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