Master-classes "PlaStformy"

"Minsk-PlaStforma 2013»
Forum of plastic and dance theatres
Program of master classes:

Master-class of Evgenia Konâga
"Where is the border between the movement of the dance?
Domestic movement and dance, what is common and what is the difference?
The path from the usual body movements to scenically expressive dance.
Pastiche of movements with the help of tempo and rhythm.
Change movement, motivation and inner energy. "

Eugene Kornâg in 2005 graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, majoring in theatre actor Doll (class of Lelâvskogo). In 2005-2007-actor of the Belarusian State puppet theatre. In 2007-2008 he was an actor of the national academic dramatic theater. Maxim Gorky. In 2009 he entered the Graduate School Director's THEATRE and Center them. Meyerhold (Moscow), which he completed in 2011 in 2010 organized its own collective-"KorniagTHEATRE". The 2011 year teaches skill of the actor and stage movement in the Belarusian State Academy of arts. E. Kornâga performances have been shown at international forums and festivals of theatre and won a number of awards (diplomas "for the experiment and the bold", "for freedom of creative expression" International Youth Forum "m. @rt. contact", etc.).
October 4, 2012 in the theatre "Marabu" (Bonn, Germany), the premiere performance of "the Sandman" on the short story by e. t. Hoffman, the Director of which, along with e. Kornâgom by Catherine Averkova. 23 November in the Russian Theatre of Estonia (Tallinn), the premiere plastic performance "can be, I'll be Mozart?" is the first show created by e. Kornâgom as a guest director.
«KornâgTEATR» the Belarusian stage filled a vacant niche experiment with the human body, in which the actor with the plastic becomes the main intermediary between the stage action and the physical presence of the Viewer. In e. Kornâga the soul becomes a body, žestual′nost′, plastic, psychophysical energy actor-essential tools for creating scenic image.


12 February, Thursday, 18-0000
Gallery "TUT.BY» (Minsk, Vera Kharuzhaya Street 1A, 6 floor SC «silhouette»)

In the first open forum of plastic and dance theatres "PlaStforma Belarus-Minsk-2013» special guest from Poland — theatre and dance critic Anna Krulica will hold a lecture-presentation

"Polish contemporary dance is tomorrow?"

Modern Polish dance scene instantly responds to trends in international contemporary dance movement. Changing aesthetics, form, trends. So, a few years ago, a great influence on Polish contemporary dance theatre has provided, so was the most popular form of dance theatre. Today experts mark the gravitation of the choreography to the Visual Arts (video-and photo-images).

It is also important that there has been a change in the institutional framework. For example, adopted a programme of new dance in Poznan that stimulated the young Polish dancers returning from Western European choreographic schools.

What is a modern Polish dance scene today and what will happen to the Polish contemporary dance tomorrow?

About the instructor

Anna Krulica (Anna Królica) was a historian and critic of modern dance, curator,, a member of the main Council of the Polish Institute of music and dance, a member of the Expert Council of the Polish Dance Platform for 2012. The author of the first book devoted to modern Polish dance scene is An Art to Discover. Essays on Polish Dance "(2011).

Admission is free!


February 13 (Wednesday)-
Master-class of Alexander Teben′kova (Gallery dance theatre, Grodno)

14 February (Thursday)-
Master-class of modern pantomime and Physical theatre, Jozef Markockogo ("theatre of Forms" Wroclaw, Poland)

15 February (Friday)-
Masterclass of INA Aslamovoj (contemporary dance group "Kvadro", Gomel)

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