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February 14, 2000 year actors "GESTURE" and the band "THE PLATEAU" implemented first in Belarus Theatre action that has at its core a technique and style BUTOH DANCE.

In 1996, at the invitation of the then artistic director of the Minsk Theater of Andrei Fedorovich Androsika (1941-2003), Vyacheslav Foreigners working there as a producer of plastic arts in performances of "cat's House", "happy beggars", "Poločanka", etc.

At this time the THEATRE has become a base for a number of projects, the "Gesture"-the "Ingest".

Many times Androsik offered Inozemcevu to put any performance with the žestovskimi and tûzovskimi actors, but all had ideas.

In November 1999, under the impression of the Butoh-dance-projects, as well as in Minsk "Navinki" performances of the Festival and in the project "Time-Things-Theatre" (Enschede, Netherlands), along with the theatres "Die Raben" (Bonn, Germany) and "Warner & Consorten (Amsterdam, Netherlands), the idea appeared.

Basis and impetus for the setting "YOKI," was given the so-called "Making room" Theater. The space, which has history, a unique terrain, rhythm, energy, atmosphere prodiktovyvaet figurative-associative series, dramatic line performance, plasticity and psihofiziku actor's existence, the musical solution.

The play was made in one week, 14 February premiere.

Video Promo – Premiere 2000 –


Artist first "CHRISTMAS TREE":

He Is Vyacheslav Inozemtsev,

It-Galina Eremin

Santas-Gennady Tobin, Sergey Masko, Yuri, Aleh Sidorchyk, Benko

Doll-Tatiana Kienya,

Angels-Aleksey Ivanov, Tatsyana Laryonava, Elena Trubchik, Anton Šilaj,

Perfume Theater-Jeanne Lands-Culture, Igor Sidorchyk.

The Group "Plateau": Andrei Roumiantsev, Matvey Saburov, Olga Guz, Eugene Hitrâk, Vladimir Bielawski, Denis Sikorsky

Used music


Running time: 75 minutes.

Photo Gallery:

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Footnote of Butoh:

Butoh Dance-"Butoh dance " -Live Japanese "walking dance".
Among the most popular modern art epithets-"dance in the dark", "inner dance", "antitanec", "dance", "skin color revolution."

Its history dates back to the ancient esoteric rituals. The creator of modern Butoh "Ankoku Butoh," a Japanese dancer and choreographer Tatsumi Hijikata (1928-1986) showed its first Butoh performance "forbidden colours" in 1959. In 60 years of Butoh was developed in Japan in the spirit of rebellious underground of that time, combining oriental tradition of understanding art, man and the universe with modern artistic ideas of the West-èkspressionistskij-dance, "the theatre of cruelty" Antonin Artaud and others.

With the 80 's Butoh becoming famous and popular in Europe and America, and leading dancers, Tatsumi Hijikata-Kazuo Ono, Ahadži Marae, Yoko Ašikava, min Tanaka and others have become cult figures, and Russian (master classes) all over the world.

Butoh on the one hand, has a great influence on Western art, on the other hand, adapts to many of his destinations.

Modern Butoh -synthetic art, expressing itself in forms close to the plastic tancteatru, theatre, performance, installation.

The most characteristic features of the Butoh-method-prop traffic on internal momentum, the natural basis for plastics, the rejection of social stereotypes. Butoh-Body seems like a perfect conduit between the universe and the unconscious.

Groteskovyj, the shocking nature of the Butoh-performances, their very contrasting rhythms, the search for innovative, often harsh, extreme situations of interaction of the body and Space aim to awaken in tancore (actor) and spectator secret, "physical memory", hidden physical and spiritual strength.

Vyacheslav Foreigners and his actors for the first time had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Butoh workshop on Japanese dancer Yumiko Yoshioka in 1995 year in Nuremberg at the time touring the "Gesture" in Germany.

Yumiko Yoshioka in 70-80-IES was a member of the first in Japan, a female Butoh-dance group "Ariodonè", in 1987, together with Delta Ra'i, Minako Seki and Kim Ito founded the theatre dance grotesque "Tatoeba" in Berlin. Since 1995, however, German art-designer Joachim Mangerom heads the international Butoh-dance-project "TEN PEN CHii art company" in the castle of Brëllin (Germany).

In May 1999, Vyacheslav Inozemtsev and "Gesture" staged performances of Yumiko Yoshioka "All Moonshine and its workshop in Minsk".

In August 1999, Yumiko Yoshioka, Delta Ra'i and invite Vyacheslav Inozemtseva as a choreographer and teacher at the Festival of Butoh "Ex.. .It! 99»
(Castle Brëllin-Berlin (Germany)-Szczecin (Poland)).

From 2000 onwards the foreigners involved as dancer, choreographer and teacher of Butoh in various projects "TEN PEN CHii" shows "TEST LABOR (2000-2005)," MINUS the ALPHA "(2003), Festival" RESONANT WAVE "(Berlin, 2003)," Interdisciplinary Workshop Project (2004-2006).

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