Intensive workshop with Inozemcev

МК 11.06

11 June 13.00 – 17.00
Intensive – Master class by Vyacheslav Inozemtsev!
Studio of the Plastic Theater "InZhest" (Kazintsa str., 87)
Pre-registration by phone – 375293940803, 375297663023
And by e-mail –
Write, call – register! The number of places is limited!
Price – 60 BYN

Since 1995, the actors of the theater "InZhest" have been developing an original training system "Dances of the Beasts". This is a universal method of plastic and psychophysical training of the actor, as well as a method of creating an artistic image and working on the role, and by and large - a method of deep and multifaceted life adjustment.
The training is based on the ancient Chinese system of the Five Changes (Wu – Shin) – a system of interconnections of the five elements (primary elements) – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water.
Each element corresponds to the time of year, day, the direction of the world, the stage of the biological cycle, the development of society, color, sound, taste, etc., and also, by analogy with kung fu, the conditional image of an animal: Tiger, Bird, Monkey, Snake, Dragon - with its inherent basic qualities, type of energy, bodily canon, rhythm, atmosphere.
The training program “Dances of Animals” includes the creation of a clear psychophysical image of the Element-Animal, work in the physicla canon, pair and group interactions, and improvisations.
The training practice synthesizes the elements of pantomime and Butoh dance, physical improvisation, kung-fu and acrobatics.
Brief biography of the master class leader –
Vyacheslav Inozemtsev – born April 20, 1960 in Minsk (Belarus)
He studied at the Minsk pantomime studio of Yuri Shulga (1977-79), Minsk Institute of Culture
(directing mass performances, 1979-83), as well as at the courses of directors of pantomime theaters Ilya Rutberg (Moscow, 1986-88)
The creator and permanent head of the Plastic Theater "InZhest" (until 2001 - the Pantomime Studio Theater "Gesture"), the author and director of all stage and square performances of the theater - more than 25, as well as improvised performances, actions, installations - about 100. He has been working for more than 40 years as a mime, actor, buto dancer, director, theater teacher, plastics director (choreographer) in dramatic theaters and cinema.
Theater "InZhest" mixes in the performances different styles and techniques - pantomime, buffoonery, carnival theater, improvisation with body and space, martial arts, Buto dance.
Vyacheslav Inozemtsev was the first in Belarus to practice buto dance as a dancer, director and teacher, as well as to work with the InZhest Theater in the direction of "Open air" and "Site specific" performances.
Vyacheslav Inozemtsev is a participant of many international projects as an actor-mime, director, dancer Buto, teacher of workshops - "Things-Time-Theatre" (together with "Die Raben" and "Warner & Consorten" (Germany, Netherlands, 1998-99),
"Ten Pen Chii art labor" c Yumiko Yoshioka и Joachim Manger (Schloss Broellin, Германия, c 1999), "Teatr Formy" с Jozef Markocki (Польша, c 2007) и др.
He teaches in the studio at the theater "InZhest", conducts master classes (workshops) abroad on the original method "Dances of the Beasts", combining psychophysical training, pantomime, improvisation, Buto dance.
Initiator and organizer of festivals of plastic theaters in Minsk – "Blazan" (1987, 1989), "X-Tradition" ("2001, 2002), "Open Format" (2003)
Art Director of the Forum of Experimental Plastic Theaters "PlaStforma" (Minsk, 2013-2021).
Information about the theatre –
The Physical Theatre "InZhest"
(Minsk, Belarus)
The plastic theater "InZhest" is the oldest and, unfortunately, the only independent art project in Belarus, which for more than 35 years has been steadily and successfully working in the direction of modern pantomime (Modern Mime Theatre), plastic theater (Physical Theatre), as well as for the first time in Belarus! – in the direction of "Outdoor Theatre", "Spatial Dramaturgy" (Site Specific Performance), Butoh dance. It was established in Minsk in 1980 by students of the Institute of Culture under the leadership of Vyacheslav Inozemtsev, until 2001 - the Pantomime Theater-Studio "Gesture".
They has participated in many international projects and festivals in Belarus, Russia and Europe.
The initiator and organizer of physical theatres festivals in Minsk ("Blazan" 1987-89,
"X-Tradition" 2001-2002, Plaza 2013-2021).
"Theatre "InZhest "- a phenomenon in the Belarusian theater art unusual. For this is the only team in the capital, which can be called truly experimental. The performances of the theater are made up of a diverse palette of symbols, metaphors and subtexts. Theatre without words attracts not only original directorial, stage design finds and true. The truth about our time, about ourselves "
"For the past 30 years have to ingest in one form or another to deal with a variety of bureaucratic and financial difficulties, to create a new language of theatrical gesture -" Another gesture. "
"InZhest offers his particular vision of the crossroads of cultures, which is possibly Belarus. Their theatrical influence eclectic: from ancient Chinese philosophy and Japanese Butoh dance to comedy del'arte, Dada and Beckett's theater of the absurd. But they're doing something new. In contrast to the rest of the contemporary art of Belarus, Inzhest very persistent in his expression dark and offers something more. For them the body - is the center of concentration of pain, but also a source of hope "
(from the press of different years)
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