The Emperor's Last Clothing

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The Physical Theatre «InZhest» (Minsk, Belarus)

"The Emperor's Last Clothing"

(just a little bit on the J.c. Andersen)

Solemn procession and ceremony for open air theatre.

… Once one King wanted to take a walk around town and talk to ordinary people. ... But you can never be sure what will happen in the next minute.

Plastic Theatre "InŽest" from Minsk to form Carnival tragikomičeskogo tells about the illusions of power and that changes everything.

Author and Director: Vyacheslav Inozemtsev

"Emperor" Is Vyacheslav Inozemtsev

"Master Of Ceremonies"-Dmitri Skachkov

The Bodyguard-Michael Umpirovič (Daniel Inozemtsev)

Musician-Matvey Saburov

Technician-Gennady Tobin

The duration of the procession and ceremony-40-50 minutes

Video promo:


Clowns-funny and frightening

Two days lasted in Samara holiday open-air theatres

"The brightest at the Festival in the literal and figurative sense of the word became x-view show tradition" plastic "InZhest" theatre of Belarus. Gloomy grotesque spectacle of tyrannical power crisis, its ugly and suicidal samoljubovanii was literally full of fire. Under the threatening music and exploding fireworks, the actors set fire to each other and fall on stilts with two or three meters to the ground, and the protagonist is rolled on the asphalt. The audience was excited in earnest, but the actors and the audience were intact. In some moments the gestures artists were openly aggressive and provoked the jitters. But tough and painful impression on this show however caused a storm of applause and audience fortunes on what policy was an allusion in the play.


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