The "PlaStformy"


T(e)=Art Theatre

Экспериментальный театр T(e)=Art
Эдисон, или Как дойти до лампочки. (Премьера!!! )
Сюрреалистичный театрально-музыкальный спектакль.
(музыкальное сопровождение – Violet Voices)

T (e) = Art is a creative group of inspired people to create and build something new, by investing in this part of myself. T (e) = Art is a creative formula. Ongoing experiments on himself and ourselves in order to achieve the ideal form. The participants of T (e) = Art are not only created for the sake of creativity and its own implementation, they are trying to get into the minds and affect the people whom it is high time to rethink their values and attitudes to their own world.

"Èdicon, or how to get to the light bulb".
You never know in which room you can be if you're a real inventor. Especially if the room in your head. Not always the path to the simple solution is through a door or window. Sometimes you need to meet with their thoughts and try to make a mountain out of a molehill.




Adequate Theatre "vKube". Was founded November 4, 2009 as a pilot project. The main idea of the theatre is the study of psychophysical capabilities of the actor, a blurring of the arts, and the disclosure of those relevant to modern society. The theatre 2 show and more than 20 performances in a variety of formats.

"Charlotte" is a variation on the theme of the creation of the world and the last day of Adam and Eve in paradise. How did our history? The temptations ...

Written and directed by Veronica Hovhannisyan.

Semashko Light
Yet, Yuri
Sergey Frames
Lyczkowski Eugene
Handriko Veronica
Nikitik Violetta
Končic Darya

The music band "Three pandas and the Moon" and the "head"




In the void
Concept, choreography and dance-Irina Anufrieva
Music-Diamanda Galas
The suit, a visual embodiment are Joanna Bodzek

In this paper I explore the vulnerability of any living creature, delivered to the verge of confronting reality, which manifests itself in an extreme situation. Torture, isolation, trauma, physical exhaustion, post-traumatic condition, with memories of the past are the main themes of this work.
In this work I want to bring in a same space the intensity and extremity Diamandy voting Galas, one of the greatest artists of our time, and due to its motion and physical embodiment on stage.
We use two compositions Diamandy I_I Galas and Hee Shock Die from the album Schrei 27 (1996), devoted to torture in isolation.
Costume and Visual part created in collaboration with the Swedish artist by Joanna Bodzek.
With the support of the Swedish Arts Grant Committee

Brief biography/Irina Anufrieva
Her dance is at the intersection of performance and dance to Butoh and contains a vulnerability that opens the senses and the mind of the Viewer.
She was born in Belarus in the year 1982. She studied at the Studio Theatre InŽest (Minsk, Belarus) and SU-EN Butoh Company (Sweden). Works as a freelance dancer, choreographer and artist Butoh performance.
In his works, Irina Anufrieva explores the physicality and its borders. Exploring the impact of physical manifestations of the environment is cold, heat, light, gravity, Irina uses the received materials to create the choreography of the dance. To speak to her, it means to go beyond the routine, get in a space where everything is possible. Nature, poetry and sound-the inexhaustible sources of inspiration for the artist.




Teatr “Eye” Лунет Чарльз Эксонор

Performance "ÈskoReal" put experimental theatre "EYE" in 2010, based on the plays of Michel de Gil′deroda "El Escorial". A story about love, pain and the dogs. An attempt to define the relationship between individuals in each situation to the brink of madness. Genre is tragicomedy. Duration: 70 minutes.
In November, 2012 the year the show won 3-rd place at 2-m Outdoor Theatre Festival in Kyiv region "Yellow-fest", as well as prizes for best set design and best plastic solution.

Info about the theatre. Something like this:
Experimental theatre "EYE" was formed in 2001 by students of CULTURE BARYS SVIATLOU, 2006, works on the basis of the National Center of the Arts Centre children and youth * (can be shortened to NCHTDiM) *. Creative team includes 4 directions:-plastic performances, miniatures and performances; -Street, area, an alternative freak show, and the view; -fire and pyrotechnic sketches; -Forum-Theatre.
The essence of our work is in constant search of this essence. The experiment as a way of existence.




Quadro contemporary dance group "was established in 1996 when choreographer Inna Aslamova invited several dancers do contemporary dance a priority in their work. What was the original system-group movements, experiment, freedom of stage expression, philosophical subtext has become a matter of creative life.
Quadro group present its work at international festivals in Belarus, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Moldova, Ukraine, Sweden and Korea.

"Night train." Quartet for two dancers, guitar and mouth organ accordion
The idea, scenography: Inna Aslamova
Dance: Elena Zaitseva, Inna Aslamova, Vladimir Malyukov, Vadim Mitko
Music: Vladimir Malyukov, Vadim Mitko
Saundmejker: Dmitry Kozlovsky
Light: Alina Kozyreva
Costume stylist: Deanna D.
Clothing provided by brand: NATASHA TSU RAN

Show "night train No..." is a work that originated at one stage dance-music laboratory. Creative study, which originally included some results and conclusions resulted in a trivial game of dancers and musicians. This does not mean, however, that the monitoring process of the game can not lead viewers to serious or frivolous thoughts and feelings. Perhaps, in this work the performers invited viewers to share your trip to space music, dance, and wind.




Dance Theatre "Gallery" (Grodno)

"Monday morning"
idea, direction and choreography: Oleksandr Tebenkov
-Music: d. Puccini and contemporary authors
-length: ~ 40 min.
-capacity: 3 Pax.

"Monday morning"-it is improvisational theatre and play a game about theater ...
about the fact that we are different ... about loneliness ... and the fact that life is a game ...

play "XXL"
-choreography: Oleksandr Tebenkov and Victoria Baltser
-artist: Victoria Baltser
-Music: Franz Schubert, Henry Kaiser, Sergey Kuryokhin
-length: ~ 12 minutes.

… about komizme and dramatic moment ... the lightness and the desired flight. about not being able to break out of his "shell" ...

Information about the Theatre:

Dance Theater Gallery-contemporary dance troupe and Chamber
performance (or group of unlike the people United
the principle of freedom of co-creation). Was established in 1994.
In 1996, the Gallery is part of a troupe of the Grodno regional
the drama theatre.
Using modern choreography, drama theatre
and other performing arts, the Gallery seeks to create their own,
unique pieces, filled with personal attitude.
Permanent choreographer, Director and author of the majority of ideas is
Tebenkov Alexander. However, each of the participants of the performances and projects
(and these are the dramatic actors and dancers) has the right to
on his vision and self realization in concrete work.
Dance Theatre "Gallery" is a party to numerous international
festivals and contests, won several awards and prizes of different
forums of contemporary dance.




Dance Theatre [REFLECT] a young dance collective, and though the words
We exist since 2005 year actually become somehow grow and something
do years from 2008. In 2010 year 99 per cent was replaced and started
all we can say from scratch, since then and tried to continue.)

Our slogan/motto/theme: find yourself in reflections.
In his work we try to adhere to the following items, if you can
so to say:
-everyone in the world knows how to dance
-people like to watch as the dancers enjoy generally
-does not pretend to be, and feel!

We do not position ourselves as a professional team, we laugh themselves over
a: people with a technical mind, who cannot dance! *
We tried to dance to express what we care about, what causes
the emotions and makes you wonder.

What direction we dance? Probably, it is impossible to name it as well.

You can say it's a mix of everything that comes in the body and head choreographer
plus a bit of theater.) We are always open to experimentation and the
happy to learn something new.

1. Sisters (Bebe-Cocaine music)
It seems they'd met on the street, it would have gone in different directions. Would have breathed with relief from what never will meet. They are different too: habits of their different temperaments, the characters. But apparently someone thought this was a joke by their sisters. After looking at them you might think that they hate each other. They swear a lot. But razrugavšis′ again seems to be the last time, because each other's can no longer be tolerated, they again and again will be sitting together here in the kitchen. Put Up. And again swearing ... These quarrels only a splash of real anxiety and worry about each other.

Performed by: Tatyana Bahmatovič and Julia Kečik

2. Black Blues: (music Faith Polozkova)

Maximalism and hysteria is a lot of adolescents.
Calm, prudence, patience, consistency, come over the years.
Two voices. Two different people. The two extremes that cooperate, support each other, develop, have, perhaps only one, but certainly understandable, "eternal" and "important", possibly with the rest of the world, and they together can help each other.
When the first wants to shout "it's time!" and "I've had enough!" and then a second calm supports afloat, will explain, reassure. But hysteria and maximalism, striving for better not die down, and they help to live, not to become suddenly in person anyway and promptly, helping again to go ahead.
Ispolnyayut: Gribuškina Il, Bogdel′ Victoria

3. Atlantis (musical accompaniment Marton Tillman-Odessa)
… birds arriving each year from cold Europe to South America, always long turn over certain places in the Atlantic Ocean, perhaps they will recall that earlier in these places was the wonderful land that once was lost ...

Performed by: the theatre of dance * Reflection *




Team SKVO'S DANCE COMPANY was formed January 27, 2012 year. People totally different internal and external invoice: Designer, physician, Geologist, Economist, linguist, Director-everyone was on his way to the dance. Beginning in 2009, in a Dance Studio with modern choreography Theatre DOZSKI in lab mode command was formed. The inevitable result was a dance performance of Happy Valentine. The premiere took place April 3, 2012 year. Head SKVO'S-choreographer and actress Olga Skvortsova. For a short period of its existence, the young troupe also has taken part in several art events and exhibitions, among which: a research project about the Minsk contemporary art "radius of zero, the ontology of art-zero (2000-2010)"; Festival of experimental art projects Fun House; Museum night in Minsk; as well as collaborating with the instrumental group Port Mone.
"Decadence." dialogues "(15 min.)
The smells, the sounds, rustles, all important.
The period of dissolution of the identity gives rise to rebirth, either to an absolute decline. Balancing, we choose where to go.
Choreography: Olga Skvortsova

Solo (6 min.)
"Sublimate, endlessly fill your world with unnecessary events, people, build relationships over time, to a moment to stop and realize that you can't answer the question, what are you dreaming? ..."
Triptych on corporeal transformation from human to "closed" to "open".
Choreography: Olga Skvortsova and Anna Korzyuk

An excerpt from the play Happy Valentine is a parallelogram. Because the 4, because empty. (15 min.)
In this passage have the task of exploring the notion of femininity for example bad behavior type-children sleeping areas. Even the female species have a need for love, which transforms the skvoz′ any resistance.
Choreography: Olga Skvortsova


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