(a real show in the 1-m action)

Author and Director -Vyacheslav Inozemtsev

Music -Vitaliy artist (Group "beZ bileta»)

Sounds music -Jocelyn Pook, Shalyapin, «Doors»

Video -Matvey Saburov

Light -Sergey Tsypkin

The first performance took place in Minsk on April 29, 2006 ",

Second-ibid., 28 may-celebrating 25 years of the theatre "INŽEST".

The first artist roles:

«Featured"-Svetlana Belousova, Tatyana Kienya, Dmitri Skachkov,

Michael Umpirovič

«Leading"Is Vyacheslav Inozemtsev

«The Grim Old Man"-George Benko

«Mask»-Galina Yeremina

«Schoolgirls"-Ekaterina Demchenko, Ksenia Lomova, Tatiana Larionova.

«Biomass"-Ekaterina Demchenko, Ksenia Lomova, Irina Primachenko,

Hope Chernousova, Tatyana Kuračinskaâ

The performance has 90 minutes without a break.

Video-Premiere of the year 2006

The Idea Of ", AFTER"

The idea of ", AFTER" performance on the fire curtain-was born in April 2001, with improvised performance of Vyacheslav Ereminoj and Galina Inozemtseva in Vitebsk at the opening of "art-session" in the Palace of KIM. But various circumstances-lack of funds, lack of the required number of trained actors, sudden death in 2003, the artistic director of the Theater of Andrei Fedorovich Androsika is a great friend of the "Ingest"-was not allowed to carry out his plan to spring 2006.

In the summer-autumn 2005 the year of the foreigners was again in demand in Theatre as a stage director Nikolay Sheyko performance plastics in "love's labour's lost" by Shakespeare. This is in many ways and has decided to favor posing in February-April 2006 year performance ".AFTER ".

The show has already found "InŽestom" methods:

  • Spatial drama ("Tree") is the main idea, theme and character.AFTER "became a regular fire curtain.
  • The principle of provocation ("DK dance").After 2 and 4 finals to, as they say, not relaxed.
  • Groundbreaking was the participation in the project of our friends from "Plato" Matvey Saburov created the original-videografiku-full, acting together with the actors of the character of the performance.

Permanent member of the band "plateau" in recent years, the leader of the Group beZ bileta» Vitaliy artist wrote the music for the play.

The inextricable link of video, music and plastic action-
the main feature of the ...AFTER "performance" INGEST "of a new generation.

Photo Gallery:

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