Since 1995, the theatre actors ' Gesture "to develop an original system for training" Dancing Animals ". This is a universal method of plastic and the mind-body training of the actor, as well as the method of creating artistic image and work on the role, but in the grand scheme of things-a method of deep and multifaceted life adjustments.

At the core of the training

Training-based on ancient Chinese system Five Changes (U-SIN)

The system links the five elements-Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

Each element corresponds to - seasons, time of day, cardinal points, periods of the biological cycle and development of society, colors, sounds, tastes, etc., and also, by analogy with kung-fu - a conditional image of an animal: Tiger, Bird, Monkey , Snake, Dragon - with the basic qualities inherent only to them, type of energy, bodily canon, rhythm, atmosphere.

Dances of Animals Workshop_1

In the training programme

The training program “Dances of Animals” includes the creation of a clear psychophysical image of the Element-Animal, work in the physicla canon, pair and group interactions, and improvisations.

The training practice synthesizes the elements of pantomime and Butoh dance, physical improvisation, kung-fu and acrobatics.

InZhest has the practice of conducting seminars (workshops) on this method in Belarus and in other countries. Address of Theater InZhest studio in Minsk - Kazinca str. 87.


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