PlaStforma 2015

"PlaStforma Minsk-2015"
The third open forum plastic theatres of Belarus


9-14 February 2015, 2010. for the third time in Minsk will host "PlaStforma Minsk-2015". The audience will be presented a broad panorama of plastic experiment in Belarus and foreign countries.

An open forum for experimental plastic theatres "PlaStforma Minsk" was first held in Minsk in the year 2013. Its initiators and organizers were Vyacheslav Inozemtsev (plastic Theatre "InŽest", Minsk), Alexander Tebenkov (tancteatr "Gallery", Grodno), Inna Aslamova (Group "Quadro", Gomel).
The first Forum was held on 10 different works teams from Belarus. A series of master classes, including with the participation of Polish specialists-Jozef Markockogo and Anna Krulicy.
The current Forum will significantly expand its geographical scope. Its participants will include groups from Belarus, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine.
Show "PlaStformy" will take place on the 3-piece scenes: in the PALACE of culture and sports of railway workers, the National Belarusian drama theatre and culture Palace. N.f. Douche.

The Forum will be the Evening of dancing Butoh, which will take place on 13 February on the stage of RTBD. In the evening the audience will see Butoh performance "Human Project" Studio of interdisciplinary Arts "IDEA GNOSIS" (Riga, Latvia), as well as the premiere of Butoh-performance Irina Anufrieva (Belarus-Sweden) the "EMBERS".
Среди зарубежных участников форума спектакли также представят:
– Lubelski teatr tanca (Люблин, Польша), танцспектакль «The Stories that we never told»;
– Arts Printing House/Young stage artists ' program "Open Space ' 13" (Вильнюс, Литва), танцспектакль «Contemporary?»;
A joint Belarusian-Ukrainian project is performance "four hands" — will present the ID Dance Company. The authors of the idea, choreography and performance by Inna Aslamova (Gomel, Belarus) and Daniel Belkin (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine). The performance was shown successfully in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Gomel. For the public it will be same Minsk premiere.

A single page of "PlaStformy" will be the performances of famous Belarusian representatives of the dance and the plastic of the theatre. Among them:
-physical theatre «InZhest» (Minsk), plastic performance "body",
-tancteatr Gallery tancspektakl′ (Grodno), "Concerto grosso",
-Dance Theatre "Karakuli (Minsk), dance performance" One box ",
-Skvo's Dance Company (Minsk), dance performance "Nine cells."
Premiere of new show «Goldkopf» will provide Laboratory Figures Oscar Schlemmer (Mogilev).

The final event of the "PlaStformy" will be the Evening of young choreographers in Belarus, which will be held on 14 February on the stage of the culture Palace. N.f. Douche. Their performances will present:
-dance company "NAČALO" (Grodno), tancspektakl′ "Poppies grow in the head",
-Dance Theatre "Skyline" (Minsk), choreographic miniature "Words for snow",
-Sergey Poyarkov (Minsk), choreographic miniature «Flowers for Kelly ".
The surprise of the evening will be the performance of "Spring. Use the "Studio of contemporary dance and dance theatre project" Two-NIKA» (Tula, Russia). Setting created by the cooperation of the famous Moscow theater and choreographer, performer, teacher Daria Buzovkinoj.
At the end of the evening there will be an open discussion of the results of "PlaStformy Minsk-2015".

Which events will accompany the Forum, on the concept and mission of "PlaStformy", as well as the challenges that continue to face the initiators of such events at the press-conference talk: Vyacheslav Inozemtsev (theatre "InŽest"), Aleksandr Tebenkov (theatre of the "Gallery"), Olga Labovkina (theatre "Doodle"), Anna Korzyuk ("Skvo's Dance Company"), Angelica Kraševskaâ (Director of art Corporation), critic Alexei Strelnikov.


The program plays "PlaStforma Minsk-2015"

February 9 (Mon)/20.00/Palace of culture of railway workers (UL.chkalova, 7)

Plastic theater "InZhest" (Minsk)
plastic performance "body"
Idea and direction: Vyacheslav Inozemtsev
Music: Matvey Saburov and group "plateau", Vitaliy artist, Sergei Pukst and Pukst band»
As well as: m. Ravel, g. SVIRIDOV, j.-b. Lully, L. Utesov, G. Bregović I. Kobzon, The Beatles
Video: Matthew Saburov, Tatyana Nikeenko, Oleg Yushkov
Light: Gennady Tobin, Aleksey Karpov

February 10 (Thu.)/20.00/Palace of culture of railway workers

Teatr tanca Lubelski (Lublin, Poland)
tancspektakl′ "The Stories that we never told"
Direction and choreography: Simone Sandroni (Italy)
Assistant choreographer: Elvira Zuñiga (Germany)
Lights: Grzegorz Polak
Sound, video: Dariusz Kociński

Tancteatr "Gallery" (Grodno)
tancspektakl′ "Concerto grosso
Идея, режиссура и сценография: Александр Тебеньков
Artists and collaborators: Vasily Minich, Sergey Savko, Nicholas Daniel

February 11 (Thu.)/20.00/Palace of culture of railway workers

Dance Theatre "Karakuli» (Minsk)
dance performance "One box"
Direction: Olga Labovkina
Хореография: Ольга Лабовкина в соавторстве с артистами

Танцпроект «Arts Printing House»/Young stage artists ' program "Open Space ' 13" (Вильнюс, Литва)
танцспектакль «Contemporary?»
Идея, хореография и исполнение: Agne Ramanauskaite, Paulius Tamole and Mantas Stabacinskas
Драматургия: Sigita Ivaskaite
Light: Povilas Laurinaitis

February 12 (Thu.)/20.00/Palace of culture of railway workers

Oskar Schlemmer's Figures Laboratory (Magilyou)-
the play "Goldkopf". Premiere!
Idea and direction: Yuri and Tanya Divakovy
Choreography: Anastasia Laptinskaâ
Composer: Veselin Rumyantsev
Author of the text: Eugene Goron
Animation: Nils Eugenson

ID Dance Company (Belarus-Ukraine)
performance "four hands"
Idea, choreography, performance: Inna Aslamova (contemporary dance group "Quadro", Belarus), Daniel Belkin (Ukraine)
Saundmejker: Ion Bark (Romania)

Skvo's Dance Company (Minsk)
dance performance "9 cells»
Staging: Anna Korzyuk
Choreography: Anna Korzyuk co-authored with artists

February 13 (Fri)/20.00/Republican theatre of Belarusian drama theatre (St. Kropotkin, 44)

Irina Anufrieva (Belarus-Sweden)
Butoh performance "EMBERS". Premiere!
Dance and choreography: Irina Anufrieva
Composer (DEFIXIONES, WILL AND TESTAMENT: 2004): Diamanda Galas
Visual embodiment: Hiroko Cučimoto

Interdisciplinary Arts Studio "IDEAGNOSIS" (Riga, Latvia)
буто-спектакль «Human Project»
Direction and choreography: Simona Orinska

February 14 (SAT)/14.00/Palace of culture. N. Sharko (St. Uralskaya, 3)

"TWO modern dance studio-NIKA» (Tula, Russia)
tancspektakl′ spring. Ege sacred»
Choreography: Daria Buzovkina (Moscow)

Dance company "beginning" (Grodno)
tancspektakl′ "Poppies grow in the head"
Choreography: Anastasia Rebkalo

Dance Theatre "Skyline" (Minsk)
choreographic miniature "Words for snow"
Choreography: Irina Wide

Project by Sergey Poyarkova and Igor Ničiporuka (Minsk)
choreographic miniature «Flowers for Kelly»
Choreography: Sergey Poyarkov

Closure of "Minsk-2015» PlaStformy
17.00-final discussion club

In addition, the Forum will be held master classes in Studio Sky Line-Irina Anufrieva, Arts Printing House ", Simona Orinska, Jozef Markocki, Lubelski teatr tanca, as well as discussion, debate performances. One of the priority tasks of the «PlaStformy» is open communication between participants and spectators, as well as with the guests of the Forum-by critics, representatives of international festivals, actors, directors, choreographers, teachers. Among the planned activities:
-lecture-presentation of Lithuanian contemporary dance and performance-Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė (11 February/16.00/Gallery "Ў");
-meeting with Laurent Van Kote. Laurent Van Kote (Lyon, France): dancer, choreographer, Advisor to the Ministry of culture of France in the field of performative art, curator and Director of programs and festivals in the field of dance, theatre and musical Arts (12 February/16.00/Gallery/ dzerzhinskogo str., 57 (Omega Tower), floor 9. (Metro Michałowo);
-lecture-presentation on Polish contemporary dance and performance-Ryszard Kalinowski and Grzegorz Kondrasiuk-(13 February/16.00/ art gallery).
Our partners:
Center for Visual and performing arts "art Corporation Institut Polski, The Swedish Arts Grant Committee, Gallery of modern art" in ", the media project" pARTisan ", the performative practices" grain ", ArtAktivist/Theatre, Gallery of TUT.By SKYLINE, Studio,
Internet portals:,, 4dance.,, by,, 34 and others.

Contacts for accreditation and additional information:
Vyacheslav Inozemtsev (Tel. 03 08 29394)
Maria Fomenko (Tel. 29775 98 75)

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