In 1998, nearly 3-year-old work on method "DANCING ANIMALS" was conceived and made performance


In both methods, and performance is the ancient Chinese system of interaction between 5-natural elements-Water, wood, fire, Earth and metal.

"REVERSIO" in Latin means "return, return process, rotation, movement in a circle.

  • "RE. .." (Latin) -prefix denoting "back, back, back."
  • The RHEOS "(Greek)-stream (compare: River, RIVER, RIO, etc.)
  • "VERSIO" (Latin)-alteration, transformation.

So, "REVERSIO is a stream of adjustments, moving back and in a circle.

In this title is the key to understanding the plot of the play (if at all you can talk about the plot for the performances of the "Ingest").

… Three fantastic antiquity of an old woman (aliens from outer space? the ghosts from the tales of Chekhov's three sisters Soul??) slowly spinning on stilts around the rotating in the emptiness of the sarcophagus (who's there?, the Patriarch? what father husband? Brother?). Memories of past life (or lives) supplanted them, is a disaster, a sarcophagus explodes, revealing not the Mummy, not a monument, an old woman fall in clouds of smoke not drowning, not the newly born to a new life.

The performance is built in blocks:

  • 1-St -(winter, death, water) is dying, cold, gloom, mystery, but the water gives life and death gives birth.
  • 2-nd -(spring, birth, wood) is a old woman fall into childhood, then there really are children getting carried away games, the nurses, the tiranât strange monstroobraznoe creature-naked man-boy in diapers, children's aggression goes into archaic rite of initiation, brings to life an even more horrible monsters-volkolakov (the people-Wolves of the ancient legends), voročaûŝih logs as trostinki.
  • 3rd -(summer, YouTube, fire)-all once again was not a dream, not a hoax, and an old woman was no longer an old woman, and not volkolaki, a girl from the Soviet pioneer camp, flying on a huge carousel, then on the wings of the great illusions and sgoraûŝie not in the flames of the sacrificial fire of their passions, not something in a fun carnival fire firework. ..

The authors and the first performers "REVERSIO I were Vyacheslav Inozemtsev, Galina Yeremina, Elena Sivâkova, Tatyana Sergei Tsurko Masko, George Benko.

The author of music was Alexey Eren′kov.

The premiere of "REVERSIO-I" took place in Bonn (Germany) in August 1998, the spectacle of the tournament during the theatrical season 1998/99 on the stage of the Theater.

In 2003-2005, "REVERSIO was transformed into the area. While maintaining the original design and structure, shaped the theatre gradually introduced the performance vivid entertainment elements of street theatre wrapped-Fireworks, construction of plastic and metal, 2-meter high stilts, last minute construction and fire engines, etc.

Author and Director: Vyacheslav Inozemtsev


Vitaliy artist ("beZ bileta»),
Matvey Saburov, Valery Karickij,
Oleg Fishing (Group "Plato")

Actors and performers:

Old Women-Sisters:

Elder-Irina Piontaško
Average-Svetlana Belousova (Irina Primachenko)
Younger-Tatiana Kienya (Svetlana Kosenko)

Servants – Werewolves – Workers –

George Benko
Sergey Masko
Dmitri Skachkov
Michael Umpirovič
Ekaterina Demchenko/(Irina Primachenko, Svitlana Bilousova)

Patriarch-The Child-Tester-Vyacheslav Inozemtsev

Conductor-Ekaterina Demchenko/(Irina Primachenko, Svitlana Bilousova)

Baba Yaga-Daniel Inozemtsev

"High security"-Dmitri Skachkov
Daniel Inozemtsev

White Lady-Galina Yeremina

Duration-90 minutes

Areal version premiered-September 2003 (Novopolotsk, town festival)

The full area of the performance "REVERSIO» for the first time was played June 23, 2006 year at the International Theatre Festival" SASIEDZI» (Lublin, Poland)

The show won the Grand Prix of the Festival "for original and inspiring quest for European identity, a pioneering form and the special qualities of the music.


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