12 February: "T (e) = Art" (Minsk)-"inhabitants of death"

Experimental theatre "T (e) = Art" (Minsk)

The first T (e) = Art was created in 2007 year. The main idea of the theatre is the disclosure of internal capacities that are deep in the subconscious of human beings.
Philosophy of plastic form each participant T (e) = Art is a unique learning process through inner experiences of the actor-model image transmission through inner peace, understanding, awareness and dissemination of the existence character.


"The inhabitants of death" (plastic mystery)

What will remain after us on Earth, when we die, and what kind of life awaits us after death of the physical body? What or whom we meet on its way? -you will see in the play "the inhabitants of death"
In the play are:
Marina Filipovic
Ksenia Makejčik
Elizabeth Carpenter
Maxim Volodin
Paul Ustilko
Alexey Ladutko
Daria Dudareva
Julia Tarverdyan
Tatyana Minich-Yarotskaya
Dmitry Alekseev
Pavel Kustov
Paul Abakumov
Vladimir Uskov

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