"REMONT" (repair) - premiere on October 2, 2013

Премьера театра ИнЖест - РЕМОНТ - 02 октября 2013

We are glad to inform you that on 2 October at 8 p.m.

in the Palace of culture of railway workers (Chkalova str., 7)
Final performance of belarussian part of international theater forum


The Physical Theater "InZhest"

"REMONT" (repair)

(People's physical drama in 1 Act)

Idea and direction - Vyacheslav Inozemtsev
Music - Matvey Saburov and a group "Plato" Scenography - Vyacheslav Inozemtsev and theater “InZhest” Costumes - Svetlana Semashko Light - Alexej Karpov

"Repair" arose as a result of a series of international projects of the theatre "InZhest", which include master classes with actors from Europe and final performances under the title "X-Tradition".

Theatre "InZhest" traditionally performs in "non-theatrical" places-on the street, in the city or a natural landscape, in factory shop, swimming pool, water tower, using the barn door, roof or wall-all can be the catalyst for a birthday special-spatial drama arising from merger-opposition body and space.

Common to all "X-Traditions" is the use of "ex-traditional techniques and aesthetics-plastic improvisation, Butoh dance grotesque carnival.
In his new work the theater makes its own space "non-theatrical" itself.
The audience in the Hall will be in the upside-down coordinate system, this will help to draw its attention to the existentiality of own existence.

Theatre, using avant-garde means returns to traditional Belarusian issues. In performance take part: - Actors from Berlin - the participants of workshops Vyacheslav Inozemtsev in Belarus, Poland and Germany: - Irene Fas Fita (Spain) - Johannes Stubenvoll (Austria) - Sergio Serrano (Spain) - Sonja Salkowitsch (Norway) Actors of Theatre "Inzhest" - Dmitry Skachkov, Veronica Oganisyan, Julia Zakruzhnaya, Svetlana Belousova, Victoria Luksha, Svetlana Kosenko, Daria Demura, Michail Umpirovich, Tatiana Surkova, Sergey Masko, Gennady Tobin, Yuri Benko Students of studio at theater "Inzhest" Musicians of group “PLATO” - Matvej Saburov, Vitalij Artist, Ekaterina Averkova, Anton Denisov The Physical Theater “InZhest” (Minsk) is the oldest and, unfortunately, the only one in Belarus independent creative group of more than 30 years working steadily in the direction of contemporary pantomime, physical theater, open air and site specific performance, Butoh dance. Participated in many international festivals and projects in Belarus, Russia and Europe. The initiator and organizer of the festival of physical theaters in Minsk ("Blazan" 1987-89, "X-Tradition" 2001-2002, PlaStforma 2013). Leader of the theater – stage director, actor and teacher Vyacheslav Inozemtsev teaches in the studio at the theater "InZhest", gives workshops abroad by the original self created method of "DANCING of ANIMALS", combining psychophysical training, pantomime, physical and acting improvisation, Butoh dance.

Tickets are sold at the box office of the Palace of culture of railway workers since September
Tel. : 375 -89 -95 17224
For information and reservations:
375 44 799 98 77 (Velcom)
375 29 766 30 23 (MTC)
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