Physical performance "...After" 21 March

March 21 at 8 p.m.

in the Palace of culture of railway workers (Chkalova str., 7)

Plastic Theatre Vyacheslav Inozemtseva


Reality show for theatre

Author Vitaliy Artist-music, live-finals-group "PLATO"

Video art-Matvey Saburov

… Personality and identity system, which resists or
is subject to the system, the system that creates or devour their children,-
This is a theme that appears in different variations in almost every
the performance of plastic Theatre "InŽest".
This is natural, because the "InŽest" (or "gesture") appeared in
the early 1980 's as a form of protest against the disobedience of that system.
Game and carnival-like how to revive the dead "ritual"
the main guideline for the theatre company ...

… This "resistance" continues to this day. Not only because
system, having adapted to a new life, successfully continues to exist.
"Baby" has matured and noticed that the system in principle, lies at the heart of the
the material being. Be the main rule-"games".
The system can be obvious, in which case it is easy to identify and
even overcome (form of power as a system, as a system of society, etc.).
But one day you notice another, invisible.
There is also a system of human physicality. Body limits the freedom of the individual,
dictates of desires and drives will. In this case, which I why I?
For the sake of peace, to be next? A series of endless questions-
political, social, philosophical, religious-
"weaved" play "... After ".
Despite the seriousness of the story, the audience waits for NO drama-
performance is announced as a "real show" ...

Tatyana Artimovich "Partyzan"


Tickets are sold at the box office DKŽ
Tel. 17224 375 -89 -95
Information and booking-44799 98 77 375, 375 29766 30 23

The cost of 110 and 80 thousand. Bel. rub.

Performance for adults!
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