TRASH POEM — Premiere in Zamosc

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43 Zamojskie Lato Teatralne — summer theatre festival in Zamość (Poland)

June 16   21.30    Stare Miasto, Rynek Wielki 

The Physical Theatre «InZhest» (Minsk, Belarus)

Premiere !


                               «The dream of the garbage gives birth to monsters».

The ironical phantasmagoria for open-air theatre.

 The parade and ballet of Garbage turns into a brutal circus show.

Idea and stage direction – Viacheslav Inozemcev

Original live-music – Matvey Saburov




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About theatre:

The Physical Theater «Inzhest»

(Minsk, Belarus) –

  the oldest and so far, unfortunately, the ONLY ONE INDEPENDENT ART PROJECT IN BELARUS, WHICH IS MORE THAN 35 YEARS WORKING STEADILY AND SUCCESSFULLY in direction of Modern Mime Theater, the Physical Theater, and also — for the first time in Belarus ! – in direction of “Outdoor Theater”, “Site Specific Performance”, “Butoh dance”. Created in Minsk in 1980 by students of the Institute of Culture under the leadership of Vyacheslav Inozemtsev, until 2001 — Pantomime Theater Studio “Zhest” («Gesture»).

Participated in many festivals and international projects in Belarus, Russia and Europe.

The initiator and organizer of the festivals of physical theaters in Minsk («Blazan» 1987-89, «X-Tradition» 2001-2002, “PlaStforma” 2013-2017).


«Theatre «InZhest «- a phenomenon in the Belarusian theater art unusual. For this is the only team in the capital, which can be called truly experimental. The performances of the theater are made up of a diverse palette of symbols, metaphors and subtexts. Theatre without words attracts not only original directorial, stage design finds and true. The truth about our time, about ourselves»

«For the past 30 years have to ingest in one form or another to deal with a variety of bureaucratic and financial difficulties, to create a new language of theatrical gesture -» Another gesture. «

«InZhest offers his particular vision of the crossroads of cultures, which is possibly Belarus. Their theatrical influence eclectic: from ancient Chinese philosophy and Japanese Butoh dance to comedy del’arte, Dada and Beckett’s theater of the absurd. But they’re doing something new. In contrast to the rest of the contemporary art of Belarus, Inzhest very persistent in his expression dark and offers something more. For them the body — is the center of concentration of pain, but also a source of hope «

                                                                                                   (From the press in different years)

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